A karaoke machine takes you there. . .at your own pitch and tempo.
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Make better music at Music Studio Store

Play sheet music with CD at any tempo with a TASCAM trainer.

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The TASCAM trainer makes play-along EASY.

Sheet music with CD is made accessible for all musicians with the TASCAM trainer, which will slow a CD's tempo without changing pitch, so musicians can play along. Musicians will love the improvement in practice and performance. Expect to:

  • train the ear for polished sound,
  • improve sight-reading,
  • practice effectively,
  • experience better lessons and progress,
  • enjoy deep involvement during practice, and
  • find your (CD) ensemble, accompaniment, or teacher always available.

The TASCAM trainer is a karaoke-type practice tool for instruments and voice. The functions that make the TASCAM trainer valuable for practice are its ability to (1) slow down a recording without changing pitch, (2) change pitch without changing tempo, (3) loop phrases to repeat certain sections of a piece for practice, (4) fade one instrument while other instruments remain audible (you then join as soloist), or (5) facilitate silent practice at any hour for compatible instruments (keyboard, Yamaha silent guitar, Yamaha silent brass) when you plug into the TASCAM trainer and use earphones.

The TASCAM trainer is a highly portable CD player and is well adapted to phrase training. As it does not completely remove the lead track, the TASCAM trainer excels as a practice tool; however, it may also be used for performance. Vocalists who wish to remove tracks completely and wish to amplify the voice may find our sister site of interest at www.GoKaraokeMachine.com.

For FAQs about how to select the TASCAM trainer for your instrument, click here.

Self-teach with a "sheet music with CD" series.

Our sheet music with CD selection includes graded materials and series which promote mastery in various areas of interest, so that you may organize your study. Graded music and series challenge beginning students and professionals alike. Please see our sheet music with CD search terms (upper right) to match interests and age levels with the sheet music with CD play-along library on our site.

To take advantage of our graded and series sheet music with CD libraries, we hope you will become familiar with our stock and save future choices in your permanent cart after making a purchase. When you return, you will receive 10% store credit on your previous purchase after the 30-day return period expires (see return policy at left). Use our site to create your plan for self-teaching to improve the quality of your playing and lessons over the long term, and to self-teach when funds for lessons are not available.

Gift recipients may choose equipment or sheet music with CD.

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Gift certificates insure your gift recipient receives a gift he/she will use. Our return policy keeps copyright and health concerns in mind, so that opened CDs and products used near mouth or ears may not be returned. If you have any ideas about how we can serve you better, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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10% Store Credit 30 days after purchase with login.